Aquatica water park is the newest addition to the SeaWorld water park group located across from SeaWorld near International-Drive.

It’s twice as big as Discovery Cove and a third as big as SeaWorld.

Aquatica Slides & Rides

Taumata Racers Pictured below are fast speed racing slides. Choose one of 8 lanes to race on, at the top the slide begins with a 360 spin then it’s head-first down a 300ft slide!

Photo courtesy of Eric

Two Lazy Rivers wind their way through the Aquatica water park. Loggerhead Lane is a relaxing river journey that passes through rich tropical vegetation and a grotto of exotic fish and Commerson’s dolphins. For the more daring of you there’s Roa’s rapids, an action river ride with water jets that send you speeding round the course in a strong current and through rough rapids.

Two Wave Pools side by side provide 80,000 acres of white sandy beaches where you can relax on a sun lounger under an umbrella. One lagoon churns out 5ft high waves every few minutes, where as the neighboring lagoon has more gentle rolling surf.

Dolphin Plunge is Aquatica’s signature attraction. Two slides twist and plunge 250ft into a deep water dolphin exhibit – the black and white Commerson’s dolphins are beautiful and look similar to killer whales – only smaller!

The idea of the slide was to immerse riders into an underwater world from which they could see the dolphins, however the slide is so fast and in part in darkness, it‘s unlikely that you will be able to catch a glimpse of them. The best way to see the dolphins it to go to the observatory area pictured below. (Riders must be at least 48″ to ride).

Photo courtesy of Eric

Tassie Twister The slide begins with a 129ft speed slide in either a single or double tube. You’ll go spinning into a large bowl and shooting out into Loggerhead Lane river. (Riders under 48″ are required to wear life vest).

Walhalla Wave an enclosed raft ride for four people down 600ft tunnels. (Guests must be 42″ to ride, riders under 48″ are required to wear a life vest.)

Wahuna Way a double tube ride down 5 storeys of tunnels through various twists, turns and water curtains. Each colored slide provides a different route.(Guests must be 42″ to ride, guests under 48″ are required to wear life vest).

Kookaburra’s Cove for the smallest children under 48ins tall. Includes slides, water fountains.

Walkabout Waters is a large interactive play area with something for all kids. There’s a shallow water pool, fountains and slides and an area for kids to climb ladders and rope bridges and even shoot water cannons!

Aquatica Water Park Tickets

Regular one day ticket prices are:

  • Gates Prices: Adult (age 10+) $56 (plus 6% tax), Child (ages 3-9) $51 (plus 6% tax).
  • Online Prices: Adults can save $5 on tickets by buying online at the Official Aquatica tickets website.

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Aquatica Water Park: General Information

Opening Times: Aquatica is open daily from 9am-6pm. In the peak summer months (June, July, August) it is open from 9am-8pm. It’s advisable to check the park calendar (link below) for opening times on a specific day:-

Aquatica Operating Hours/Opening Times.


  • Cars/Campers $13
  • RV $17
  • Prefered Parking $15
  • If you are visting SeaWorld and Aquatica on the same day, you’ll only pay for parking once.

Click here to book parking online.


  • Life vests can be hired out for the day at no charge.
  • Lockers can be rented for a one time fee. Small lockers $7, large lockers $11, you will need to pay a refundable $10 deposit for the key.
  • Beach towels can be rented for the day.
  • Showers, changing areas and a mother’s nursing station are available throughout the park.

Aquatica Orlando
5800 Water Play Way
FL 32808

Phone: 407-351-3600 or 888-800-5447


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