Disney’s most popular water park, a close rival to Wet ‘n’ Wild in the thrill slide stakes! It has something for thrill seekers as well as families with young kids.

Disney Blizzard Beach – Walt Disney World – Discount Tickets


Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park in Walt Disney World. The idea came to mind during a freak winter storm that covered part of Disney World with snow. Plans were then made, and miniature models were developed. Now Blizzard Beach is finished and is Disney’s first ski resort.

Blizzard Beach water park is great to visit on a hot day! There’s more than enough to fill a day here in this Disney water park.

Blizzard Beach Florida is themed on an Alpine ski resort! Out of both the Disney World water parks, Blizzard Beach Florida is the best for thrill slides! It’s also the most popular water park in Orlando for all round family fun.

Blizzard Beach Water Park

There’s a “legend” made by Disney that a freak snow storm hit Florida and the states’ first ski resort was built. Of course the snow soon began to melt and the waterlogged park was due to close, when an alligator was seen sliding down one of the slopes and they decided to keep it open as a water park.

The pinnacle of the resort is Mount Gushmore that stands 90ft tall. This is where the majority of the slides are. The mountain is color coded to help you find where you are! One slope is green, one purple and one red.

At ground level you’ll find a long lazy river that encircles the entire park, a large wave pool (pictured above) and several kids play areas.


The whole park is covered with ice and snow. (fake of course) You can ride toboggans in an exciting race, or challenge the Summit Plummet which is a 120 ft. drop, in which you travel at speeds of 60 miles per hour. (twice that of Humunga Cowabunga at Typhoon Lagoon) At the highest point of the park is Mount Gushmore, were Summit Plummet sits waiting for its next challenger! To get to the top of Mount Gushmore you can walk up the pathways, or take an awesome ski lift. The ski lifts are all equipped with colorful umbrella’s and ski equipment. Also Check out Typhoon Lagoon Discount Tickets.

Blizzard Beach

Cross Country Creek
Much like Castaway Creek in Typhoon Lagoon, this is a creek that circles the entire park. You board an inner tube and move along with the slow moving currents. You can relax in your tube as you pass melting ice, caves, and waterfalls. There are many exits, so you do not have to go along for the whole ride

Ski Patrol Training Camp
This is an area for pre teens with many challenges like broken iceberg walks. There are also T-bars and slides.

Summit Plummet
At 120 feet high it’s the world’s tallest, and fastest free-fall speed slide. It sits on top of Mt. Gushmore and looks like a ski jump. As you slide down this 120 ft., almost vertical drop, you reach speeds of about 60 miles per hour. Summet Plummet is the most thrilling water attraction in Disney World. NOTE: Read all the health advisories before riding.

Downhill Double Dipper
The world’s only side-by-side racing slides. You zip down these slides in a tube that allows passengers to travel speeds of up to 25 mph.

Teamboat Springs
This is the world’s longest family whitewater raft ride. You can have up to 5 passengers in this large tube. You fly up walls, spin all over, and drop down waterfalls. The whole track is 1,200 ft. in length.

Toboggan Racer
The whole family will have fun riding these water toboggans! There is a row of 8 identical water slides with a couple of dips. Guests lie on small mat-like toboggans and race other challengers down this 250 ft. track.

Runoff Rapids
This is a series of innertube tracks. You can go down in a one, two, or three person tube. There are two open tube slides and one enclosed track that is totally pitch black.

Snow Stormers
These are just normal water slides that take you left and right like a slalom ski slope.

Chair Lift
These are chair lifts that have brightly colored sun umbrellas on top. They take you up to the top of Mt. Gushmore. You can also walk to the top.

A one acre, bobbing wave pool.

Tike’s Peak
This is a children’s area were there are scaled down slides, and attractions.

Blizzard Beach Water Park: Thrill Slides

Summit Plummet pictured below, is the USA’s tallest and fastest free-fall water slide! You’re brave if you want to try this! At 13 stories high – that’s 120ft – you’ll slide feet first down at 60 mph. You’ll land in a pool of water at the base of the ‘ski slope’. You won’t shoot off the edge of the slope, even though it looks like you might!

Slush Gusher Slightly tamer version of Summit Plummet, this free-fall slide stands 90ft tall and riders will shoot over two humps – going slightly airborne on the second one!

Double Dipper you’ll get to race side-by-side on this 250ft long slide at speeds up to 25mph.

Tobaggan Racer pictured below, go head first down this 8-lane 250ft slide. Riders lay on their stomachs on the blue mats and slide down the course to the bottom of Mt Gushmore.

Blizzard Beach Water Park: Family Slides

Run-Off Rapids has three slides – the center one you must ride alone and it’s enclosed most of the way. The two outer slides can be ridden on either one, two or three person rafts. The center flume is the fastest!

Chair Lifts (pictured below) will take you one-way to the summit of Mount Gushmore, where most of the slides begin. Each chair lift (made to resemble a ski lift) has wooden seats, an umbrella on the top and a pair of skis underneath! Chairs carry up to 3 people – must be at least 48″ tall to ride alone.

Snow Stormers are three parallel slides that resemble a ski slalom course. Riders lay flat on their stomachs on this 350ft long slide.

Teamboat Springs (pictured below) is the world’s longest family white-water raft slide. Each raft hold three to five people and takes riders down a 1,200ft long winding slide, down gushing waterfalls and through a cavern with pouring water.

Melt Away Bay Cool off and find some relaxation in Melt Away Bay, a 1 acre wave pool with gently rolling waves that constantly fed by the ‘melting snow’! There’s also cascading waterfalls and a beach area where adults and kids can chill out.

Tike’s Peak is a mini-Blizzard Beach for kids under 4ft. There are many slides and play areas specially designed for little ones.

Ski Patrol Training Camp is ideal for pre-teens. There are a series of nets and floating icebergs to cross and a series of smaller, tame slides.

Location Map, Address & Phone Number

Blizzard Beach Water Park Address

Blizzard Beach Florida is located between Disney MGM Studios and Disney All Star Resorts at:-

Blizzard Beach Disney World

1500 W. Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Tel: 407-560-3400

Blizzard Beach Water Park Tickets

Regular one day ticket prices are:-

Adult (10+) Gate Price: $47.93 inc tax

Child (3-9) Gate Price: $41.54 inc tax

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Blizzard Beach Water Park FAQs

Can we bring a cooler to Blizzard Beach?

Yes, coolers are allowed. No alcoholic drinks or glass containers are permitted.

Can we buy food?

Yes there are many different food outlets here. Food served includes all kinds of snacks including turkey legs, sandwiches, hot dogs, ice creams, funnel cakes, doughnuts, nachos and there is also a full service pub which serves alcoholic drinks.

Do we need towels at Blizzard Beach Water Park?

It’s best to bring your own towels along with you. You can store them in a locker when you’re not using them. Otherwise, you can rent towels for $2 per towel from Snowless Joe’s.

What about life vests/jackets?

Snowless Joe’s will lend you a life vest – simply leave some form of ID or a refundable deposit at the desk.

How much are lockers?

Large lockers are $7 each with a $2 refund when you return the key. Small lockers are $5 each with a $2 refund when you return the key.

Are tubes provided at Blizzard Beach Water Park?

Yes, for all rides tubes are provided for that ride. No other floatation devices are allowed

What if there is bad weather?

If there’s a thunderstorm or bad weather, the park may close. If so, make sure to get your hand stamped before leaving the park so that if the weather clears you can re-enter.

What are the operating/opening hours at Blizzard Beach Water Park?

Blizzard Beach Water Park opens for 10 months out of the year. The park normally closes in the cooler winter months, check park hours here.

During operating months, the park opens 7 days a week.

Use this FREE park calendar to see which are the best days to visit Blizzard Beach Florida.

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