Scuba Diving in Orlando at Disney Dive Quest


What is Disney Dive Quest? Are you a scuba diving enthusiast? If you’re looking for new and exciting places to go scuba diving in Orlando, why not try a dive at the Living Seas aquarium at Epcot?

The Dive Quest program is unique in the Orlando area. You won’t find another scuba experience quite like this!

Disney Dive QuestProviding that you have your scuba certification card, you can dive inside the 6 million gallon Living Seas aquarium. Disney Dive Quest offers you a chance to see special behind the scenes workings of this huge underwater reef that is home to turtles, rays, eels, sharks and an array of tropical fish.

The Living Seas at Epcot exhibit is the largest land based simulated ocean environment. It’s maximum depth is 27ft and the tank is over 200ft in circumference.

Disney Dive Quest Tour

The tour begins at the Epcot guest services office where you’ll be greeted by your dive leader. You’ll then be taken to the back-lot and measured for your t-shirts and dive suit. Certification cards will be collected.

Part One

From there the tour begins as you are treated to an up-close encounter at the manatee holding area. After that you’re given a guided tour of the behind the scenes operations of the Living Seas aquarium. This includes food preparation for the inhabitants, a look at the massive water filtration system and the laboratories where the health and well-being of all sea life is closely monitored.

Then you’ll be taken to the briefing room where a video of the upcoming dive is shown, pre-dive instructions are given, and liability wavers are signed.

Now it’s time to get changed into your dive gear! Disney provides private comfortable changing rooms where you’ll find a bag with your name on it. This bag contains your exposure suit. You’ll also find fresh towels, soaps, shampoo, hair dryers, basically everything you need!

Once you’re suited up, it’s onward to the holding tank. Here you’ll find all SCUBA configurations completely set up and ready to don. Simply strap on your fins and secure your weight-integrated BCs before entering the water and descending along a nearby downline. During this phase, divers are lead through activities that include a brief ascent inside an air-fed underwater diving bell followed by a simulated coral reef swim through. All event activities including diver interactions with family members, friends, and guests are professionally captured on video by an underwater videographer.

Part Two

The second dive segment is completely open. You’re free to either interact with viewing guests or explore the rich tropical bounty of the Living Seas. Upon completion of the dive, you’ll ascend and remove your equipment before proceeding to the changing area where you can shower and change.

While you freshen up, staff members will find your family and friends and reunite them with you. Everyone is then lead to the briefing room where drink refreshments are served and a fully edited preview of the taped dive is shown. During this time, questions may be asked and answered, certification cards are returned, and dive logs are completed, stamped, and signed. If you don’t have a dive log, you will receive a small log certificate validating your dive experience. Finally, you are presented with a limited edition DiveQuest T-shirt and are offered an opportunity to buy a professionally mastered DVD of your dive experience.

Disney Dive Quest Program Details

  • Sessions take place daily at 4.30pm and 5.30pm
  • The program lasts approximately three hours with including a 40 minute dive.
  • No need to bring any gear as all equipment is provided by Disney.
  • The cost is $175/person aged 10+ including a souvenir T-shirt, all gear and refreshments. The cost includes admission to EPCOT theme park. All of the $175 cost will go directly to Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund programs.
  • To book call (407) WDW-TOUR (939-8687)
  • Divers aged 10-14 must be accompanied by a diving parent/guardian.
  • You’ll need your C-card or verification from a certifying agency and a photo identification.

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