Disney fireworks are world famous. On your next trip to Disney World Orlando, don’t miss one of their night time fireworks shows!

  • Where can you see fireworks at Disney World?
  • Where is the best spot to watch Disney fireworks?
  • What are the different fireworks shows to watch at Disney World?

We’ll show you which shows not to miss and how to get a great view of the best pyrotechnic shows around the WDW resort.

Disney Magic Kingdom: Wishes Fireworks

Every night at Magic Kingdom theme park you can see the spectacular Disney fireworks display called “Wishes”.

This 12 minute fireworks show is themed on making wishes come true and is set around the Cinderella’s Castle.

The show uses voices and songs from many favorite Disney movies from the past.

Some classic songs and characters featured include Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and Fantasia.

The finale to the Wishes fireworks show is “When you wish upon a star – by Jiminy Cricket.

The soundtrack includes these songs:-

  • When you Wish Upon a Star
  • Magic Stars with a Wish
  • Wishes Set Free
  • Wishes for Love
  •  Magical Wishes
  • Villanious Wishes
  • A Bolt out of the Blue
  • A Wish Triumphant

Soundtrack is available at Amazon.com.

It’s amazing to watch the fireworks and the way the castle changes colors along with the storyline of the show.

Wishes Fireworks show is on each night at the Magic Kingdom – it usually starts at 9pm or 10pm, in click here to Check current show times.

Make sure to get a good vantage point in front of the Castle on Main Street at least half and hour prior to the show. After the show, don’t fight the throngs of people leaving – instead spend some time looking around the shops on Main Street.

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Best Vantage Points for Wishes Fireworks

  • In front of Cinderella’s Caste is the best view of all!
  • Grand Floridian – some rooms face towards Cinderella’s Castle, you can also enjoy the Disney fireworks from the hotel pool.
  • The Polynesian Resort – head down to the white sand beach and watch the show from across the lake.
  • The Contemporary Hotel grill lounge. A room in the Tower of the Contemporary Resort.
  • Inside Magic Kingdom near Aladdin’s Adventure
  • Fort Wilderness Beach and some rooms at the Wilderness lodge.

EPCOT IllumiNations Fireworks

Epcot Center Orlando has a nightly spectacular of fireworks, lights, laser, fire and water show called IllumiNations Reflections on Earth.

Best places to watch EPCOT fireworks:-

  • At the entrance to the World Showcase – stand near the entrance and get a great view of the show, then as soon as it ends make a quick exit and beat the crowds all leaving at the same time!
  • From the Rose & Crown English pub – be sure to reserve an outside table ahead of time and that way you can have a comfortable seated view of the IllumiNations.
  • From the bridge at Italy.
  • From the Dance hall at the Boardwalk Hotel.

Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios is probably the best Disney fireworks show! Held at the massive Hollywood Amphitheater, Fantasmic is a 25 minute long musical with all kinds of amazing lights, fireworks, songs and features a parade of Disney characters. The show is free to enter, be sure to arrive at least 30 mins prior to the show time as seats get taken quickly and some seats don’t have as good a view as others.

Fantasmic is themed on the film Fantasia, but there are whole sections which are completely different to that; including a giant mechanical dragon, huge neon snakes and a boat filled with all kinds of Disney characters

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