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Disney Quest Orlando is part of Walt Disney World. It’s located on the West side of Downtown Disney. This six story blue building contains all the interactive, technologically advanced games that kids will love.

No matter what the weather is like outside, you’re guaranteed to have a whole day of fun inside. It’s one of the best Orlando activities indoors, and it’s a lot cheaper than theme park admission!

You pay for admission and then ALL games are free! Go on as many as you like!

Zone 1 – Score Zone

  • 2 floors packed with arcade and fun fair type games.
  • Ride the Comix 4 – virtual game where you enter the comic book world to defeat the villans. Players wear virtual reality helmets and use laser swords to fight. Can have up to six players per team.
  • Invasion: Extra TERROR Estrial Encounter – a great virtual reality ride with short lines, fight off the alien monsters to rescue the people.

Zone 2 – Explore Zone

  • Loads of arcade games to play.
  • Magic Carpet Ride themed on Aladdin and the Genie.
  • Virtual Jungle Cruise ride – paddle on a raft down the jungle river.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Battle for the Buccaneer Gold’ – don your 3-D headgear and climb aboard your ship. Someone must take the Captain’s wheel and steer while the others fire cannons to blast away the skeleton pirates out of their ships.

Zone 3 – Replay Zone

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster – two people climb inside one of the bumper cars. One person is the pilot and the other a gunner. The gunner shoots cannons at the other cars while the driver must manoeuvre the car to collect foam astro balls to fire at the other cars. If your car gets hit on the target, the car will fly into a spin for a few seconds. You can play Buzz Lightyear alone, but it’s more difficult!
  • Play all your old-time video and arcade games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong Junior, Mario Brothers, Space Invaders, Tron and Galaga and lots more games of days gone by.
  • Air hockey tables
  • Pinball machines
  • Arcade games that are great for younger children

Zone 4 – Create Zone

  • Learn how to draw your favorite Disney cartoon characters.
  • Learn how to drive a car.
  • Watch as your face contorts in the magic mirrors.
  • Cyberspace Mountain – create your very own virtual roller coaster! Use as much G force as you can handle, add twists, turns, plummets and loops. After you’ve created your ride you’ll swipe it into a magnetic card. The you’ll enter a virtual roller coaster simulator and get strapped in – just like a real roller coaster. Then you’ll swipe the card, a soundtrack will play and you’ll get to ride your very own creation. The simulator will move and jolt in motion with the coasters’ tracks and you might even lift out of your seat if you made it really scary!
  • Afterwards you can see the video of your ride and if you wish, you can buy it.
  • Create a toy
  • Create different kinds of music.

Disney Quest Orlando FAQs

Can I get food and drink at Disney Quest? 

On the 4th floor is the Wonderland Café where you’ll find desserts and drinks, specialty coffees and tables with free internet access. On the fifth floor you’ll find Food Quest serving pizzas, burgers, chicken, sandwiches, salads, paninis, wraps and alcoholic drinks.

How much is parking?

Good news! Parking is free.

Can kids go in alone? 

Kids 10 and older are allowed to enter alone, all kids under 10 must be accompanied by a person 16+.

Any tips? 

The place will be packed on a rainy day, so if it’s bad weather make sure to get there extra, extra early before the 11.30am opening.

Experience the rides you most want to do first.

Arrange a meeting point. It is dark, window-less and kind of confusing inside so make a meeting point ahead of time.

Remember, no strollers are allowed inside, there is a stroller parking area near DisneyQuest.

How much is Disney Quest Orlando? 

Disney Quest used to operate on a pay per game basis. Now thankfully, it’s just one flat entrance fee and you can play as many games as you wish! Admission is valid for one whole day. (Some games that offer prizes do have a fee, but the vast majority are free). If you need to leave and come back, simply get your hand stamped.

Sometimes you can get cheap late-night tickets if you buy them a few hours before it closes – e.g. at 10pm – Disney Quest stays open until midnight or even 2am

How much are Disney Quest tickets?

Gate price tickets: Adults 10+ $44.67 Kids 3-9 $38.28 inc tax

Discount Disney Quest Tickets are available through Maple Leaf Tickets. They are a well-known company based in Kissimmee and they sell discount Disney tickets for Disney Quest and many more Disney theme parks.

Save money off gate prices Compare prices and save at Maple Leaf tickets. Click on Disney Quest in the left hand navigation column and scroll down to review prices.

Are there any height restrictions?

Although Disney Quest is billed as an all family attraction, but there are a couple of height restrictions:-

Pirates of the Caribbean 35″ minimum.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblaster 51″ minimum

Cyberspace Mountain 51” minimum.

Some games might be too intense or scary for little ones – Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial for example.

Useful Links: Disney Quest Maps

General enquiries phone number (407) 828-4600.

Address: 1590 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL

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