In southern Florida there is a unique world of water, swampland and dense jungle-like forest: the Everglades, a truly magical environment full of mystery, myth and fascinating nature. For many centuries this huge swamp area was inhabited by the Seminole Indians and today the Everglades are one of the greatest natural attractions in the U.S.A. Unlike the somewhat daunting appearance of the alligator the surroundings here are far more benign. The pink flamingo has for many years been associated with Florida and everywhere the croaking of frogs fills the air. There is a huge variety of birdlife as the vast areas of swampland are an ideal habitat and the water is not only rich in fish, various predators can also be found in large numbers. A total of six hundred species of fish live in the waters of the Everglades and in the summer months when the water level is particularly high there are huge shoals of fish to be found but in the dry months of winter they travel to deeper waters. The alligator is the indisputed king of these marshlands and no other creature is as powerful. We don’t only intend to observe the alligators from the shoreline, we also want to see them from within the water. They’re everywhere! Because of their valuable skin they were once almost exterminated. It is a fallacy that the alligator is a bloodthirsty, murderous creature as, unprovoked, this primeval reptile is almost indifferent to our presence and even from a close distance it remains perfectly calm. Despite all the recent encroachment by Man, the world of the alligator has retained much of its mysterious and magical aura and the allure of this unique region still continues to impress in a very remarkable way.

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