Hello beautiful people! My name is Kelley (aka “Vava”). Normally, I travel around the US and Canada with my dog in my converted van. This time, I did things a little different. I flew to Miami, Florida from Boston, Massachusetts for a vacation with my boyfriend. It was a lot of fun to have company on the trip and share new experiences with someone else. It was also nice flying for a change! Anyways, here is a vlog I put together of our trip that highlights some of our favorite moments and places in Miami. Wynwood happened to be our favorite spot for food, drinks, and art. Thank you for watching!

Also, thank you to my talented friends for allowing me to use their music for this video. You can follow their band, Jetty, on instagram @JettyJams. If you’re digging the music vibe, go listen to more of their songs on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/artist/7FtJtAkEYlVqH4xod4j54V

Artist: Jetty
Song: Used to Try

Instagram: @vava_vans
TikTok: @vava_vans
Facebook: Kelley Gildea

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