Heading to Florida to See Disney, The Beaches or Just for Some Relaxing Fun? Here we give you a bunch of very helpful hints, tips and advice for getting the MOST out of your Florida vacation.

Tip #1. Weather Will Affect you – no matter when you come to Florida please know no matter what the forecast says, you will probably get rained on at least for a short burst. Hurricane season is June through November but it is the worst from late August through early October. Always keep applying your sunscreen as well as the sun is very strong in Florida.
Tip #2. There is more to Florida than just Disney and South Beach. Both places are awesome but there is so much more to visit in Florida, like the Everglades or the history of St. Augustine, or heading out to Ybor in Tampa.
Tip #3. Preplan and Prebook anything you can if it is during peak tourist season or it is a popular attraction. If you want to see a certain princess at Disney make sure you are making that lunch reservation two or three months in advance. Also, make sure you search online for deals on main attractions and hotels.
Tip #4. Driving in Florida is stressful. They drive super fast in Florida, except for the tourists who aren’t sure where they are going or some of the snowbirds. So be ready for super fast, crowded driving and be ready to stop on a dime.
Tip #5. Use the cheap airlines to visit Florida. We all love getting our frequent flyer miles, but the cheap flights to Florida can outweigh the miles gained on flying a major carrier.
Tip #6. Florida is not the Deep South. Florida is a mix of many cultures and is not your traditional “Southern State” it has a great mix of latin, Caribbean and southern culture that tourists can really enjoy whether they are partying in Florida or Jacksonville or Orlando.
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