We spend the weekend at Knight’s Key Campground, in Marathon Florida. While it was our intention to hike or bike the Seven Mile Bridge, we also enjoy the campground, our inflatable boat, and the local cuisine. By the way the sunsets are also amazing. We are stoked to be here, as we usually are when we travel to the Florida Keys.
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Marathon is a relatively large city located in the middle Florida Keys, just before the Seven Mile Bridge. It is composed of several islands, none of which is called Marathon oddly enough. The name probably comes from an expression used by railroad workers during the construction of the Overseas Railway, conveying that the fast pace work felt like running a marathon. That’s what they named the train station, and the rest is history.

We spent a weekend there recently, at Knights Key Campground, at the island just before the Seven Mile Bridge. It is a beautiful tropical paradise. per night in the off-season will buy you a harbor site with your own dock. We wanted to use the inflatable boat so that’s what we got, only to find out it was only convenient to launch it during high tide, which is what we did. One of the best beaches in the Keys, which is not saying much, is nearby. It is called Sombrero Beach, named after its namesake reef, former key, and lighthouse nearby. We spent the weekend enjoying the outdoors, eating the local seafood, and relaxing at the many tiki bars in the area.

It was my intention to bike the old Seven Mile Bridge, but the National Park Service has decided to close it down, in a renovation project that could last years. At least we got to walk on it a few years ago, and to be fair, it was in pretty bad shape. It had already been closed to vehicular traffic, and in recent years it had become a popular spot for biking and jogging.

We are planning to go back in the winter, if we can find a vacancy, in order to enjoy the high season, when the tiki bar by the beach is open and the park is full of snowbirds. It will be interesting to see the seasonal differences.
As always, thank you for watching the videos and see you on the road.
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