Universal Island of Adventure, Jurassic Park land will immerse you in the world of the dinosaurs.

Among lush tropical vegetation, you’ll find rides and interactive play areas for kids themed on the famous Jurassic Park movie.

Islands of Adventure Theme Park have even re-created the Discovery Center and the iconic entrance gates to Jurassic Park.

More lands to explore at Universal Island of Adventure!

Universal Island of Adventure have faithfully re-created the famous Spielberg movie in this, the biggest of all the Islands of Adventure ‘lands’. The entrance to the area is un-missable! It is of course the huge gates to Jurassic Park, complete with flaming torches at either side. Behind these gates lies a lush tropical land filled with dinosaur paddocks and a brilliant replica of the Park Discovery Center.

Jurassic Park River Adventure


Is undoubtedly the most popular attraction in this area. It begins as a gentle meandering tour through the tropical jungle.

Universal Island of Adventure Jurassic Park River Adventure

You’ll see some of the tamer dinosaurs and their babies.

Then as you pass by the raptor containment area things take a turn for the worse and you are thrown off course.

Now you must escape the deadly veloriaptors and t-rex! T-rex makes a surprise appearance at the end of the ride and before you know it you’re plunging over the edge into total darkness. This flume ride has the longest drop of its’ kind -85ft near-vertical drop.

Jurassic Discovery Center

Is startlingly real – it’s as if you’ve walked right into the movie set. Just like in the film, a t-rex skeleton hangs in the center of the building. Inside the Discovery Center you’ll find hands-on, educational activities. You can scan dinosaur eggs and embryos, watch a velociraptor hatching and discover what it’s like to be a dinosaur.

Pteranodon Flyers

Pterandon Flyers are a hang-gliding type of ride where two riders hang from a pteranodon. The winged dinosaurs take passengers on a scenic tour of the Jurassic Park area.

Islands of Adventure, Jurassic Park River AdventureThis is part of Camp Jurassic and so is really aimed at kids.

Unfortunately, the wait times for this get long quickly.

This is because of the low capacity of riders and that Universal Island of Adventure require those over 56″ tall to ride with a child. The ride is 80 seconds long, so if you see long lines, perhaps weigh up whether you really want to go!

Camp Jurassic

An interactive play area for kids of all ages. The area itself is huge and will provide at least an hour of entertainment for youngsters. The setting is in a jungle on the slopes of a volcano and features a disused amber mine. There are climbing nets, tunnels to crawl into and slides and waterfalls.

Universal Island of Adventure: Heights to Ride

  • Forbidden Journey: 48″ (1.21m)
  • Dragons Challenge: 54″ (1.37m)
  • The Hulk : 54″ (1.37m)
  • Dr Doom’s Fear Fall: 52″ (1.32m)
  • Dudley Do-Right’s Rip Saw Falls: 44″ (1.12m)
  • Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges: 42″ (1.07m)
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure: 42″ (1.07m)
  • Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: 40″ (1.02m)

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