Hi everyone just wanted to share my experience going to Epcot in 2020. We went for the festival of the holidays. Being that Covid was still around I was very satisfied with our visit. Although somethings weren’t the same because of Covid like dining, people walking around with balloons and other experiences that were gone ended up being OK because the lines were so short, they did not overcrowd the park, you didn’t have to park Miles away from the park.

Come experience Epcot with us as we walk through all the countries during the holiday season. BRITT TIP- wear a medical mask 😷 or they will not let you in. They referred us to a vending machine that you had a buy medical masks for two dollars and that was all the way back by the car so we kind of had to go out of our way to return to get in the park. If you have a fisherman‘s mask, bandanna or anything that wraps around your head or your face they do not allow you in.
Although I didn’t have either of those but the style was similar they denied our access in the park until we had a mask that was correct.
We had a great time in all 2020 merchandise for 70% off!
Had had a great time make sure you check out the experience of 2020 at Epcot during the Christmas season
Also BRITT TIP- If you like pictures by Christmas tree they only have a Christmas tree by your main entrance or in The USA as you’re walking through the countries.


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I am a Florida girl my whole life from Fort Lauderdale & now I just moved a little bit further north in Florida.

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