So the tock gang was out and ready to shout! We hit a green relief sponsored event. They have been having these for a while on private property so cops can’t fuck with it . Food , raffles and infused food. I’m going to start attending these in Florida ORLANDO. Any one can come you can buy tickets via event brite . Also better then a dispensary. I promise you. You can go on a budget too! If you want to attend . Hit my instagram. Ok shoot you to website from there. This is legit. If you have any reviews you want me to do on dispensary related products .. I will I can make great content from this . I have yet to see someone Rock one of do not need a card and can get in . I have mine never had to pull it once . Let’s get some discussion going!! I wanna hear from y’all and better I wanna see y’all there!!

More info on Florida weed FESTIVAL!!!! (NO MEDICAL CARD)

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