Today I’m bringing you along for a FUN and gorgeous day at SeaWorld Orlando because SO MUCH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW – Seven Seas Food Festival is in high gear, they’ve got special-surprise-limited-time Mardi Gras festivities going on, I caught Ice Breaker testing – the brand new coaster set to open in 2021 by Premier Rides, I got some cool footage of testing with water dummies and the coaster rolling back and forth!! I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS & KRAKEN too and share some fun and wild roller coaster footage!! I give you a big update on what’s new at SeaWorld Orlando in February 2021 and bring you along for a super fun and exciting day of food festival tasting, Mardi Gras parades, riding coasters and more!!! Thanks for watching!

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More info on FUN DAY at SeaWorld! BEST OF Seven Seas Food Festival 2021, Icebreaker Testing & FAVORITE RIDES!

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