Hey everyone this is Orlando Streets and this is my video tour of the Orlando Fashion Square mall located in Florida about 14 minutes drive from Downtown Orlando.
This mad mall was renovated in 2002 and is kind of a science project. It’s alive and it looks pretty good on the inside but doesn’t seem to flow real well. Many spaces sit empty and there is some construction going on. In 1963 this was just a Sears store that eventually grew into this two-story indoor shopping mall anchored by Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Floor & Décor. In 2016 Sears closed its doors after 53 years of serving the community. The building was demolished in 2017. Flashing forward to 2018 and we can see the new Floor & Décor being built where the Sears store used to be. This shopping mall was sold in 2013 for million dollars and one year later the Movie Theater was rebuilt. The Bowling alley they added in 2013. That same year Dillard’s converted its store to a Clearance Center and closed its second floor. Notice all of the surrounding stores that have closed. In 2017 The Bank foreclosed on the mall and the diner in the front of mall was demolished. The mall is open from 10-9 Monday through Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday’s.

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