Click these links to see what I found at the last .49 cent event.
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Although not advertised, this is a clearance sale by definition.
💡DEFINITION OF “SALE”: a period during which a retailer sells goods at reduced prices.

DEFINITION OF “CLEARANCE”:  A sale to clear out stock

This is a clearance sale.

This is the time & season that you will see this retailer selling items at a reduced price.(Mid to late January through The end of February or until sold.

Each store is different. There is no set date. Old inventory will continue to be discounted until sold.
Markdowns have already started and will continue to drop weekly.
Historically, the last week in January through the end of February is when you will see the lowest prices and reductions.

WHAT WILL BE ON SALE: Check each section of the store. Almost every department will be periodically marked down until it reaches the lowest price of .49 or is sold.

More info on Ross Dress For Less .49 cent Clearance Sale Event! Get Ready! 2021

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