bUneke Magazine attended the 2019 Orlando Fashion Week at KDS One Studios. It was an evening of beauty and creativity. The models and entertainers did a great job, as did all the OFW official members and guests. Watch the full show on the extended video of this event, showcasing the looks of each designer, also on this YouTube channel coming soon!
Thank you to Orlando Fashion Week!
Designers: Ashley DeRamus, Joseph Lago, IRJ Clef, Zheniscostumes, Castro-Rojas, Ingrid Tejeda, Denia Carmona, Dragana Bubic-Munze,
Emcee: Estee Martin
Entertainment: Singer/songwriter Jasmine Tramposi, Roberto Sanchez and his Dancing Dolls
Music provided by DJ Breeze
Thank you to Donnie Crawford and bUneke Magazine production team for the video footage and editing.

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