In this video we’ll take a detailed tour of SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida in 4K 60fps. We’ll visit all the lands of the park including some POV footage on-board Kraken, Mako, Manta and Infinity Falls. Filmed in February 2021. All on-ride footage was obtained using a wrist mounted camera which is allowed at SeaWorld Orlando.

Time Stamps:
0:27 Driving into SeaWorld Orlando
0:46 Port of Entry
2:40 Sea of Delight
5:09 Sea of Mystery
5:37 Shark Encounter
6:12 Mako
8:34 Infinity Falls
16:15 Sea of Power
16:45 Sesame Street Land
18:40 Ice Breaker construction (New Roller Coaster opening in Spring 2021)
19:20 Orca Encounter show highlights
23:55 Merchandise
25:50 Manta
27:26 Manta Aquariums
28:30 Sea of Legends
28:40 Kraken
32:14 Journey to Atlantis aquariums (Journey to Atlantis is closed for renovation)
32:40 Sea of Shallows
32:50 Dolphins
34:03 Turtles and Alligators
34:40 Key West
34:55 Sea of Ice Antarctica and Penguin exhibits
36:07 Pacific Point Preserve Seals
38:24 Ice Breaker Roller Coaster construction and ride testing

You’ll notice that SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival was taking place in some of the clips in the video. It runs from February 5th to May 9th. I only filmed the Vegan kiosk but can make a more detailed video on a future visit if enough people want to see it. Just let me know in the comments section. More info on the festival:

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