Universal Island of Adventure have made major changes to the Lost Continent land with the launch of the new Harry Potter theme park. Some of the rides have been revamped to fit in with the new Harry Potter theme.

  • The Duelling Dragons is the same ride – now it’s called Dragon Challenge.
  • The Flying Unicorn’s train has had a makeover and is now called Flight of the Hippogriff.
  • The Enchanted Oak restaurant gone and has been replaced by the Hogs Head Pub.

More lands to explore at Islands of Adventure include:-

Jurassic Park
Marvel Super Hero Island
Toon Lagoon
Seuss Landing
Harry Potter Theme Park

Island of Adventure theme park have created a mystical land that time forgot.

Upon entering the Lost Continent, you really do feel like you’ve stepped into a medieval world.

In this land there’s the Medieval themed area, which has the Duelling Dragons roller coaster and the Flying Unicorn –

Universal Island of Adventure have created three lands which are themed on Medieval Eurpope, Ancient Arabia and mythological Greece.

You’ll find many little shops and stalls selling all sorts of souvenirs and and novelty items like name plaques, scrolls and ornaments.

Poseidon’s Fury


Further on there’s the area themed on the Lost City of Atlantis. It’s here where you’ll find the Poseidon’s Fury show located in the large ruin (pictured below left).

Universal Islands of Adventure, Poseidon's FuryWe didn’t know quite what to expect upon entering Poseidon’s Fury, and we were pleasantly surprised. You begin by waiting in-line in some cool dark tunnels, then you’re lead into a gathering room as a group.

Then your guide appears and goes through his spiel, which is quite funny. It turns out to be a battle between the good and evil Gods over the staff that our guide has (there’s more to the storyline, but I don’t recall all of it – it doesn’t really matter!)

Universal Islands of Adventure, Poseidon's FuryThere are some impressive set changes that take place around you – walls seem to appear out of nowhere and whole new rooms will emerge behind you as the show unfolds, without you even realizing! There’s also a cool part where you have to follow your guide through a whirling tunnel of rushing water – don’t worry you won’t get wet!

Flight of the Hippogriff (formely Flying Unicorn)

Above are pictures of the Flying Unicorn as it was before Harry Potter land was built and the ride was re-themed. Click here to view current pictures of the Flight of the Hippogriff –  Harry Potter Theme Park

Universal Island of Adventure, Flight of the HippogriffUniversal Island of Adventure, Flight of the Hippogriff

A ride best suited to the 7s and under. This little roller coaster will take kids through a medieval forest complete with gnarled wooden trees and iron fences.  Along the way you will see Hagrid’s hut in the woods.

Dragon Challenge (formerly Dueling Dragons)

Universal Island of Adventure boats the world’s only racing roller coasters! This inverted steel track roller coaster like no other. This is the only coaster in the world where two separate trains race each other to the finish.

Island of Adventure, Dualing Dragons

On one track is Hungarian Horntai, the other is the Chinese Fireball. At three points during the ride, the two trains come within 12 inches of each other – the passengers’ feet are almost touching those of the passing train – but they never do! (Each car is weighed by a computer before the ride begins to ensure that the two almost meet every time).

Island of Adventure, Dragon Challenge rollercoasterDragon Challenge is a great roller coaster with five inversions, a zero-G roll and two corkscrews. Tops speeds reach 55-65mph. The only downside to the whole ride is the wait time – it can be really long at peak times.

Above are pictures of the Dueling Dragons as it was before Harry Potter land was built and the ride was re-themed. Click here to view current pictures of the Dragon Challenge –  Harry Potter Theme Park

Universal Island of Adventure: Heights to Ride

Dragons Challenge: 54″ (1.37m)

The Hulk : 54″ (1.37m)

Dr Doom’s Fear Fall: 52″ (1.32m)

Dudley Do-Right’s Rip Saw Falls: 44″ (1.12m)

Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges: 42″ (1.07m)

Jurassic Park River Adventure: 42″ (1.07m)

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: 40″ (1.02m)

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