Universal Island of Adventure – SuperHero Land – As its name suggests, this zone is modeled after the famous Marvel comic book heroes. If you’re into thrill rides, this is the place to see first!

This is where you’ll find Dr Doom’s Fear Fall, The Hulk and The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

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Dr Doom’s Fear Fall


Is a tower of terror – literally! It’s themed around the evil Dr Doom and his ‘fear-sucking’ machine. You’ll board a rounded seating ring inside his chamber. Then smoke begins to pour in all around you and a sinister countdown begins. Before you can finish the count you’re shot 150ft into the air!

Universal Island of Adventure,dr doom fear fallTake in the great view of Universal Island of Adventure while you can, because you’ll swiftly fall back down faster than gravity itself.

It’s certainly a thrilling ride with a shockingly fast take-off.

The only downside is the amount of time spent waiting to ride versus the actual ride length – less than 30 seconds.

The Hulk

This is one big green, angry monster of a ride! Unlike other roller coasters such as The Kraken, there is no pre-amble to this ride, so no slow ascent to some dizzying height and then a sudden drop over the edge. Nope, in this ride you’ll slowly pull forward from the starting position (still inside the building’s tube) and suddenly, you’re launched into the outdoors with the force of an F-16 fighter jet!

Universal Island of Adventure the Hulk Roller Coaster

If you don’t know how fast that is – well, believe me IT’S FAST! Then, there’s no time to catch your breath because you’re immediately into an inversion, followed by six more inversions and several plunges below ground. Oh, and don’t forget to smile for the camera – your picture is taken during the ride!

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

This is a ride that you won’t want to miss at Universal Island of Adventure! It’s an indoor 4-D motion simulator ride that takes you on a journey through the ravaged streets of New York City. This Spiderman ride incorporates 3D film, motion based simulator cars and real life sets.

Once you put on your 3D glasses, these merge into ‘one world’ that is visually spectacular and very real. Afterwards you’ll be left wondering, ‘how did they do that’? Universal Island of Adventure have certainly excelled in the design of this ride, to the point of making others like Terminator 2 3-D look dated!

Universal Island of Adventure Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

You board a 12 passenger car and don your 3D glasses, then the ride begins. The cars are motion based and tilt, lift and swivel 360 degrees around. They move in sync to the projected 3D film on many screens within the set. This makes it seem as if you’re travelling at vast speeds and being thrust forward very quickly, but in reality, it’s all an illusion!

At one point Spiderman falls down and lands on the hood of your car, seemingly just inches from you.

The car bounces and shakes, perfectly in sync with the character. At another point in the ride, the Hobgoblin and Dr Octavia are fighting it out.

The Hobgoblin throws out fire balls, which just miss you. The battle sends your car spinning and careening down the narrow streets of the city. The finale to the ride is the 400ft drop from the top of a skyscraper – that is head-first, straight down to the ground!

Universal Island of Adventure: Heights to Ride

  • Forbidden Journey: 48″ (1.21m)
  • Dragons Challenge: 54″ (1.37m)
  • The Hulk : 54″ (1.37m)
  • Dr Doom’s Fear Fall: 52″ (1.32m)
  • Dudley Do-Right’s Rip Saw Falls: 44″ (1.12m)
  • Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges: 42″ (1.07m)
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure: 42″ (1.07m)
  • Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: 40″ (1.02m)

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