Disney World bans drunk Brandon Florida woman from theme parks for life after big fight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando.

Some brand new Disney news featuring a Florida Man headline for you. Or should I say Brandon Florida woman? Ellen McMillion from Brandon, FL is the latest to be added to the long list of people who got banned from Disney World. The Brandon, Florida Woman has been banned from all Disney World Parks after a fight with an Orlando taxi driver and then kicking a deputy at the front entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The trouble began after Ellen McMillion asked a taxi driver for a cigarette, then started hitting him when he said he didn’t have one, the driver told Orange County Police Department.

The Florida Woman “became angry and attempted to slap him numerous times, which he was able to block,” according to an incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. She was slurring her words and smelled of alcohol, according to the report.

McMillion, 53, told deputies she was drunk and that she wouldn’t cooperate until she had a cigarette. She also cursed in front of kids and threw her purse on the ground “numerous times” when deputies asked for her ID, according to the report. After being handcuffed, McMillion kicked a deputy in the leg at least twice while being led to the back seat of a patrol car, according to the sheriff’s office.

The Florida Woman was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication.
The taxi driver told deputies that he wasn’t injured and did not want to press charges or provide a written statement.

“Disney Security requested McMillion be trespassed from all Walt Disney World Properties,” the report from the sheriff’s office states, meaning the Disney Superfan is banned for Life and the Florida Woman is not allowed back in the Orlando theme parks, and she was given a copy of the trespass warning. WDW security also received a copy.

Source: Drunk woman banned from Disney World after kicking a deputy, hitting a taxi driver and cursing in front of kids https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-drunk-woman-banned-disney-world-hit-taxi-driver-20190910-mknnzymmdzcmxogyp4qhxso7aq-story.html

Did this Walt Disney World guest Ellen McMillion get drunk at the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? Was it the blue milk that caused the Disney annual pass holder to fight outside of Hollywood Studios? What is so hard to follow Disney rules? Now the Annual passholder is banned From Walt Disney World for life.

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