A guide to Orlando airport parking and Orlando airport shuttles. Whether you’re picking up a friend from Orlando International Airport or wanting to leave your car at the airport for the duration of your trip, you’ll want to know which parking lots to use and how much they cost.

Orlando Airport Parking – Quick Pick-Up/Drop Off


Cell-Phone Parking Lot is a new addition to Orlando International Airport. It offers a free and convenient way to pick up passengers without having to repeatedly circle the airport. Simply wait at the cell phone parking lot and wait until your passenger call you to be collected from the terminal on his/her cell phone. Then you can drive up to the collection point and pick them up.

The lot has 100 spaces. There is free wireless internet service in this area too. Use SSID code “Internet”.

Express Pick/Drop Off – Only for E-Pass and SunPass users. This is a service where you can wait for your passengers in your car, or exit the car to collect them. The cost is $1.00 per 30 minutes up to 2 hours, then $5 per hour(or any part thereof).  The service is open from 8am to midnight daily. The parking fees will be deducted from your E-PASS/SunPass account.

Orlando Airport Parking – Curb-side Drop Off – This is the quickest way to drop passengers off at the airport departures lounge. This is only for departures!

Simply drive up and let your passengers out. Only use this option if you know you won’t be leaving your vehicle – the security staff will be hassling you if you leave your vehicle unattended or you linger without dropping off your passengers. if you need to park after dropping passengers off you can drive straight to one of the terminal garages as sign posted.

Orlando Airport Parking Satellite Lots

Orlando MCO Airport has 3 satellite parking lots which are all open-air parking lots located on the outskirts of the airport grounds. These airport parking lots are best for those needing long term parking, i.e. on a day by day basis. Visitors can leave vehicles for anytime up to 120 days.

  • Red Lot, 10536 S. Access Road. The Red lot is located about 1 mile south of the main terminal building.  To return to the Red parking lot use the free Orlando airport shuttle service which operates from spaces A17-A18 (on the A side), and B18-B19 (on the B side) on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1) of the main terminal.
  • Blue Lot, 5501 Cargo Road. The Blue lot is located about 1 mile north of the main airport terminal off Semoran Rd. To return to the Blue parking lot use the free Orlando airport shuttle service which operates from spaces A17-A18 (on the A side), and B18-B19 (on the B side) on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1) of the main terminal.
  • Gold Lot, Tradeport Drive. The Gold parking lot is only used when the Blue and Red parking lots have filled up.

All satellite parking areas provide free Orlando airport shuttles every day, every 10 mins. Make sure to leave extra time to get from the parking lot to the terminal via the shuttle service.

These shuttles are handicapped accessible, for further information and to make special arrangements call (407) 825-2980.

Note: Red and Gold satellite parking lots cannot accommodate vehicles over 7ft high and over 20ft in length.

Satellites parking rates are $4 for the first three hours, then $10 per day thereafter (every 24 hour period). If you exit the car parks within 10 minutes there is no charge. (These charges are inclusive of taxes and fees). Parking lots accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa. E-Pass and Sun Pass Plus holders can use their passes in Blue and Red lots only.

Orlando Airport Parking -Terminal Garages

Terminal A or Terminal B? Orlando International Airport has two covered terminal parking garages A and B. Each terminal parking garage will give you access to different airlines. Use the list below to find which parking garage to use for your flight.

Terminal A

Terminal B

  • Alaskan
  • Continental Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Sun Wing
  • WestJet
  • Bahamas Air
  • Air Canada
  • Sun Country
  • Midwest
  • CanJet
  • Copa
  • Air Jamaica
  • Frontier
  • Mexicana
  • SkyService
  • Air Transat
  • Virgin
  • Jet Blue
  • SouthWest
  • TAM
  • US Airways
  • Spirit
  • United/TED
  • Aer Lingus
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Pace
  • Miami Air
  • Delta
  • Northwest
  • AeroMexico

The cost of Orlando airport parking in one of the terminal garages costs $1 per 20 minutes up to a maximum daily rate of $17. If you exit the terminal parking garage within 20 minutes you will not be charged. You can park here up to 60 days.

External Parking Lots (Privately Operated)

There are a number of outdoor parking lots located within a short distance of Orlando International Airport. Many people find that these can be a cheaper way of leaving a vehicle overnight than paying for the on-site terminal or satellite parking lots.

These Orlando airport parking lots have free 24 hour shuttles to and from the airport terminal. They also have 24 hours security. You can get free quotes online before your trip and even lock in discounted rates, and of course reserve yourself a space!

For review and prices visit the About Airport Parking website here Private Airport Parking Lots.

Map of Orlando Airport Parking Locations

The map below shows the locations of some of the main external parking companies, plus the satellite parking lots and the terminal parking garages. Click on a blue marker to read more information.


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