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Are you looking for Orlando theme park tickets? Have you ever wondered how to find discount theme park tickets for Orlando?

We have researched extensively to bring you the best discounts on theme park tickets. We’ll show you the gate prices and how much you can save.

This page provides an overview of the different tickets available at the different Orlando theme parks. Click on the links in each section to find out more details about the offers for that attraction.

Orlando Theme Park Tickets: Disney World

Disney World, Orlando is in fact 4 theme parks in one huge resort. There’s Disney Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center.

There are many ways to save, but first consider how many days you will be visiting Disney World theme parks. The more days you have to visit, the more savings can be made!

Disney tickets are called ‘Magic Your Way’ and ‘Park Hopper’ passes. They can be bought for many days, as many as you think you will need.

If you are unsure about all the Disney tickets and what they offer, please visit our guide to Disney tickets, Disney World Tickets Explained.

How to find discounts? 

With Orlando theme park tickets, there are always discounts to be found! The best deals are not usually on the Disney website, but through authorized ticket brokers online. A ticket broker is simply a large ticket company authorized by Disney to sell genuine discounted tickets.

Always look for ‘Disney Selected USA Ticket Seller‘ status. There are many scams and unscrupulous ticket sellers out there, be sure you are finding the real deals!

What not to do….

  • Never buy tickets from Ebay. These could be anything, from anywhere. You will never know if these are genuine until you try to use them, and if they aren’t you’ll be out of pocket and Disney will not be able to help you!
  • Never buy vouchers or partially used tickets. These days, Disney tickets are specially encoded with the purchasers finger print. When the ticket is presented at the gate, if the print doesn’t match the ticket will be refused and you’ll be left to buy another!
  • Be wary of super cheap and too good to be true offers. You know the saying, if it seems to good to be true it probably is. There must be a catch somewhere…The catch is usually an obligatory timeshare presentation which could eat up hours of your precious time. However, it is possible to  get free Disney World tickets by attending a timeshare presentation.
  • Never buy tickets from roadside kiosks. If you’ve never been to Orlando before, look out for small kiosks in busy tourist areas like International Drive. They will claim to have amazing offers that you simply can’t refuse. Again these will surely involve a timeshare presentation. You rarely get something for nothing!

Where to Buy Disney Discount Tickets?

We recommend these Disney Authorized Ticket Sellers – UnderCover Tourist and Maple Leaf Tickets.

UnderCover Tourist offers free shipping to the US and many international locations, their prices are clearly marked on the website and show how much you will save including all taxes.

Compare UnderCover Tourist Discounts

Maple Leaf Tickets are based in Kissimmee, Florida and are also a Disney USA Selected Ticket Seller. They offer discounts on all Magic Your Way, Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets. Sometimes their prices are not much lower than gate prices, but look closely and you’ll find that many of their prices do offer good savings. It all depends on which ticket you want to buy.

Compare Prices at Maple Leaf Tickets

365 Tickets for UK Residents

365 tickets sell Orlando theme park tickets including Universal Studios, Orlando Dinner Shows and Walt Disney World to name but a few. Visit their site and you’ll see there are often great savings to be made with significant discounts off the gate prices!

365 Tickets have been in operation since 1999. They are one of the original ‘Print-N-Go’ ticket sellers. No extra fees or strings attached, simply choose your tickets, pay for them then print them ready to take with you!

Compare prices at 365 Tickets

For more tips on buying Disney theme park tickets, see our Disney Discount Tickets Guide

Orlando Theme Park Tickets: Sea World

There are discount theme park tickets available for Sea World. Whether you plan on visiting for one day, or perhaps plan on returning throughout the year, you will find some discounts here!

Unlike Disney, the best discounts for Sea World can be found on the Sea World website. Get online at least 7 days in advance of when you want to visit to make the best savings.

Visit our guide to saving money on Sea World one day, two day and multi-park tickets. Sea World Discount Tickets Guide

Visit our guide to Florida & Georgia residents deals, free entry for military personnel and AARP discounts. Sea World Special Discount Tickets Guide

Orlando Theme Park Tickets: Universal Studios

You will find discounted Universal Studios tickets online. With adult gate prices now almost topping $80 including taxes, you’ll want to find a great deal!

Orlando theme park ticket discounts are always available on one and two day tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks.

If you’re looking to visit more theme parks, consider the Orlando Flex Ticket. The Flex ticket allows unlimited admission into 5 or 6 different theme parks and water parks for one price.

If you’re a Florida resident, you can save $20-$30 off the gate prices! Universal really do have some great deals for Florida residents. There are 4 separate deals available.

There are special offer available for US military. In fact Universal Studios are offering free entry for active or retired military service men. You can also buy discounted tickets for your non-military friends and family members.

Visit our Cheap Universal Tickets Guide for further details.

Busch Gardens Discounts

At just an hours drive from Orlando, Busch Gardens, Tampa is often included in Orlando theme park ticket offers.

Anheuser-Busch owns Busch Gardens, Sea World, Aquatica and Discovery Cove, so you’ll definitely find some discounts to these theme parks. For further details on Busch Gardens ticket prices and discounts please visit our Cheap Busch Gardens Ticket Guide.

Other Orlando Attraction Discounts

There are many other attractions in Orlando besides the major theme parks. If you plan on visiting some museums, kids entertainment museums, going on a boat tour or maybe going to see a dinner show, there are discounts to be found! Visit our Orlando Discounts page for more information. There you will discover the many savings you can make by using the Go Orlando card and also the free Orlando Magic Card.

Finding coupons is another way of saving money on Orlando attractions and restaurants. Visit our Orlando coupons guide for more details.

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