Shrek 4D


Universal Studios theme park has excelled in creating this 4-D simulator show to rival that of Terminator 2-3D and the Spiderman ride at Universal Island of Adventure. You’re on a mission to rescue princess Fiona from the evil Thelonius.

Universal Studios Theme Park, Universal Studios in Orlando, Shrek 4DThe animation is brilliant and the storyline is funny and entertaining.

There are a few special effects and surprises which will everyone in the audience jump!

The seats do move about a bit, but nothing too intense. The front 8 rows are non-moving seats.

Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast

A simulator ride not just for kids! Quite jolty and loud in parts, you’re on a mission to get Jimmy’s Mark IV rocket back from the clutches of the evil Ooblar the Yokian.

Universal Studios in Orlando – Hollywood

Terminator 2: 3D

Is definitely one of the best 3D attractions in Orlando. It combines a 3D show with live action with Arnie, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong. So, put on your 3D specs and get ready for a spectacular movie show.

Universal Horror Make-up Show

No prizes for guessing what this show is all about!

Universal Studios Theme Park, Universal Studios in Orlando

It’s a funny and informative show about how special effects are created for movies.

Suitable for anyone that can bear to watch.

Lucy – A Tribute

A museum-style exhibit of Lucille Ball memorabilia including photos, videos, scripts and costumes. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re a Lucy fan, if not give it a miss.

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