SeaWorld Florida is one of the most popular theme parks in Orlando. If you love marine life, you’ll love Sea World in Orlando!

There’s tons to do at the park, so you should plan ahead in order to see all the shows and exhibits on offer.

Whether it’s the famous Shamu Show, watching the penguins and polar bears or riding the Kraken, your sure to find a great day out at SeaWorld.

Sea World Florida Shows


The most famous show of all features the park’s mascot, Shamu the killer whale (….and friends!) Their spectacular performances will showcase their amazing talents as they twist, turn, jump and flip along with their humans trainers.
Shamu Killer Whale at SeaWorld in OrlandoThe Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld Florida

Majestic killer whales join you on a journey into a world that drenches your senses in vivid colors, vitality, and the global rhythms of the ocean in our all-new Shamu show, One Ocean®. Dancing fountains set the stage as you connect with thrilling sea creatures, fell the energy and spirit of life underneath the sea, and realize that we are all part of one world, one ocean.

Shamu performs numerous shows throughout the day and even some special night time shows with spectacular light displays and rockin’ music!

Shamu Sea World Florida Shows

There are shows where you’ll see the talents of dolphins, walruses, pets and even exotic birds! These can be seen daily at the park, simply check the park maps for show times throughout the day. These 4 additional shows are:-

Pets Ahoy
Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island
Blue Horizons

Visit our special SeaWorld shows page for more info and pictures!

SeaWorld Animal Exhibitions

Sea World Beluga Underwater

At Wild Arctic you can explore a frozen wonderland of ice and Arctic animals. Meet extraordinary beluga whales and colossal walruses. Antarctica allows you to explore the penguins’ colony in an expanse that envelopes you in cool extremes bringing you above and below their icy world.

Sea World Florida Antarctica Penguins

Sea World Polar Bear

Sea World Penguins

More About SeaWorld Animal Exhibitions

SeaWorld Rides

Sea World Rides include Manta, a brand new roller coaster that opened in May 2009. This is one unique roller coaster where you’ll be riding face first in a horizontal position under the massive blue Manta Ray.

Click here for more information and a video of Manta Sea World Rides: Manta

Sea World Rides, Manta RideNEW Manta Ride at Sea World Florida

The Kraken is a foot-dangling style, super fast, super tall roller coaster. This is the highest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando.

Kraken rollerocaster at SeaWorld in OrlandoThe Kraken Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

The Kraken at SeaWorld FloridaThe Kraken Roller Coaster Loop

The Journey to Atlantis is a log-boat style ride which culminates in an almighty plunge which will inevitably soak you to the skin!

Sea World Manta RideJourney to Atlantis log flume ride

More Photos and Information About SeaWorld Rides

Sea World Discounts

There are always ways of finding a great Sea World discount ticket. Don’t pay full price at the gate. These pages are a guide to Sea World tickets and discounts:-

Sea World discount tickets multi-park and flex tickets

Sea World discount tickets for AARP and US Military.

Sea World Coupons – find promo codes and sites offering Sea World Coupons.

Sea World Florida: Operating Hours

Open every day of the week 365 days a year. Operating hours do vary from day to day and depending on what time of year it is. Park opening hours remain the same all year round at 9.00am. The closing times however vary from month to month, in no particular pattern! Most nights the park closes at either 6pm, 7pm or 8pm. During school holidays and peak times the park stays open until 10pm!

Here’s a handy free theme park calendar to help you pick the best days to visit Sea World and many other Orlando theme parks.

If you would like to look up the operating times for a particular day from the official Sea World website click here.

Sea World Florida: What To Bring

  • Comfortable shoes to wear! You’ll be spending a lot of time walking around and standing, so make sure you have some tennis shoes.
  • Sunscreen is a must! The Florida sun really is very strong and it can take you by surprise and within a few hours you can be sun burnt. This is very uncomfortable as I’m sure you know, but also the red lobster look isn’t too cool on vacation! I’d say use at least SPF factor 15 + and to be safe use 30+ for young children.
  • Make sure to bring plenty of water with you. It’s probably going to be hot and you’ll want to stay hydrated. Even if its not hot, why pay the park prices for drinks when you can bring your own!
  • Don’t wear denim jeans! You could well end up getting soaked on some of the rides or while watching the shows. Spending the rest of the day in soaking wet heavy denim will be miserable! And with the Florida humidity they won’t dry out quickly either, so try to dress light!
  • Stop at a CVS or Walgreens (well known pharmacy stores in Florida) and pick up a waterproof camera and a poncho. Again, why pay park prices?! Buying a waterproof camera could save you from ruining your existing camera if it gets wet! A poncho will keep you dry especially if you’re near the front row of the Shamu show.

Sea World Florida: Location

You’ll find Orlando Sea World located to the south west of the city. It is about a mile south from Universal Studios, between I-4 and International Drive. See the interactive map below to see the location and also get a bird’s eye view of the park. You can use the arrows on the side to zoom in and out or just click and drag the map to pan from side to side or up and down.
Sea World Orlando Address:

Sea World
7007 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Telephone: (407) 351-3600.

15 minutes from Orlando International Airport and 10 minutes south from downtown Orlando at the intersection of Interstate 4 and FL 528 (Beeline Express Way).


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