At Universal Island of Adventure, there’s no mistaking Seuss Landing. Upon entering the Islands of Adventure, turn to your right after passing through the Port of Entry and you’ll soon be in the heart of this famous children’s storybook.

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In Seuss Landing there’s colors everywhere and not a straight line to be found. Even the palm trees’ trunks are curved at jaunty angles! Kids will love it! Even if you don’t have kids, it’s certainly worth a walk through as the theming is beautifully done.

Universal Island-of Adventure, Seuss Landing Entrance

High in the Sky Trolley Ride


This is by far the best way to take in the wonders of Seuss Landing and more of Islands of Adventure, Orlando. Two trolleys take two different aerial routes around the colorful and topsy-turvy rooftops of Dr Seuss’ world.

Universal Island-of Adventure, High In The Sky Trolley RideThere is a audio narration that tells the story of Sylvester McMonkey McBean and the Sneetches. Kids will definitely love this and adults too.

The ride lasts about 90 seconds, so it’s not that long of a ride.

It certainly is worth going on for the views alone, you can see things that you wouldn’t spot from ground level.

Red Fish Blue Fish

Just for kids! It’s like the Dumbo ride at Disney, except there’s a twist. You get to control your fish up and down to avoid the squirts of water fired from squirt stations below.

Universal Island-of Adventure, Red Fish Blue Fish RideYou can try to avoid getting wet if you follow the directions in the song that plays during the ride – but where’s the fun in that?!

Most kids try to get as wet as possible anyway!

Universal Island of Adventure – Cat In The Hat

This indoor ride is based on the most famous of the Dr Seuss books ‘Cat in the Hat’. You’ll sit on a pink sofa (car) and follow along a track, whirling and spinning through the crazy world of Seuss anamatronic characters including Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Universal Island of Adventure – Caro-Seuss-El

You could say this is a traditional merry-go-round with a twist.

Universal Island-of Adventure, Caro-Seuss-El RideThere are 54 different characters from the Seuss storybooks.

Some of them move and spin independently and other are stationary.

There are even special rocking characters that are accessible for wheelchair users.

If I Ran The Zoo

Is an interactive play area suitable for very little ones, complete with fountains and characters that squirt water of course!

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