U & Me Revolving Hot Pot Orlando FULL DINING EXPERIENCE with ROBOT Servers & Cooking at Your Table – meet Peanut & his friends & have some fun with me on Palm Parkway near International Drive and close to Walt Disney World! U & Me Revolving Hot Pot is one of my favorite restaurants in Orlando and I’m finally bringing you all along for the fun with a FULL DINING EXPERIENCE in 2021, including the adorable and funny ROBOT SERVERS, the amazing array of revolving dishes, the full hot pot cooking at your table experience, and a special behind the scenes fun at their delicious tea bar where they make a huge variety of incredible, stand-out boba teas and milk teas! I hope you enjoy something DIFFERENT & UNIQUE in Orlando, FL, outside of the theme parks, that’s cool, themed, delicious and a lot of FUN!! I love sharing all of the wonderful sites, sounds, attractions and amazing food of anywhere I travel, including my home state of Florida, and I have lots of videos on my channel of fun and cool things to do both within and outside of the theme parks on my channel – you can check out the playlists and past videos to find lots of variety if interested in more like this! Let me know in the comments if you want to see MORE of the cool & unique things Orlando has to offer beyond the theme parks! Thank you so much for watching!!

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