In this edition of O-Town Review, we list the best Orlando restaurants or what we consider to be the top 9 Orlando restaurants. We included our own personal experience plus a bit of research to find these best restaurants in Orlando, Florida.

Among this list, we found some of the best family restaurants in Orlando, the best seafood restaurants in Orlando, and the best Asian restaurants in Orlando. You could say that this is a comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Orlando, Florida 2021.

Any thoughts on who we selected? Would you add a different restaurant? Or take one off the list? Let us know! We are always excited to get recommendations for great Orlando restaurants that we haven’t heard of yet.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Seito Sushi
1:39 Ravenous Pig
2:23 The Osprey
3:18 Hunger Street Tacos
4:04 Pizza Bruno
5:04 King Bao
5:58 Santiago’s Bodega
6:47 Se7en Bites
7:57 Luke’s Kitchen

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