I hope you’re ready to share another delicious and REALLY special meal with me….Let’s Go!!!

Hey everyone, I have found a seriously special NEW restaurant in Orlando: FK Your Diet. The FK stands for Foster Kid, and was named by one of the owners (Doug Miller) who himself was once a foster kid. His story is amazing, and he’s really achieved some awesome things in life including giving back the community in a big way (in addition to several other donation options, 5% of the revenue from the restaurant is given to local organizations that help foster children). After spending years in the foster system and often not having the most delicious meals, when he did have a great meal it was the key to feeling amazing and LOVED. He has taken some of the recipes from the best meals he had and made the menu for his restaurant. I’m telling you, the food is DELICIOUS and the portions are ENORMOUS! I ordered a breakfast burrito that was as big as my head!!! I’m not joking! The Doug-nuts are a can’t miss, as are the biscuits and gravy. This was my first time trying biscuits and gravy and I’M IN LOVE.

I absolutely cannot believe how much food I ate and that I still had a ton of leftovers. The owners, Doug and Amy are so inviting and loving and make eating here so fun! Are you ready for a taste? Well…..Let’s Go Eat!!

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Restaurant: FK Your Diet (Orlando location)
5406 Hansel Ave Orlando, FL 32809

Music: www.EpidemicSound.com

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More info on Let’s Go Eat: BEST Comfort Food in Orlando!! Feel the Love w/ Breakfast & Lunch at FK Your Diet!

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