Welcome to our STREET EATS food tour of Orlando. Today we visited El Rapido Pizza Cubana and tried their spaghetti and pizza, Taqueria Mi Ranchito to try their Gorditas and Tacos and finally, Smoke & Donuts to try their Tender Beef Brisket, Cuban Sandwhich and their S’moreo donut. We loved each one and we highly recommend all three locations!

We recently moved down to Orlando from NY and since NY is widely considered a culinary mecca. We were super excited to find out that Orlando has a very vibrant foodie scene and since we were going to try the foods anyway, figured we could also share that with the world.
We have 3 street food spots lined up for you today.
I won’t spoil them for you so put your seat belts on, keep your arms and hands inside the ride and let’s go!

Locations shown in the video:
El Rapido Pizza Cubana: https://bit.ly/3d8nrDP
Taqueria Mi Ranchito: https://bit.ly/3qijNMM
Smoke & Donuts: https://bit.ly/3d3WxwG

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