Top 5 Places To Eat in Orlando – FL According to YELP

1- ShouFi MahFi Mediterranean Grill- Delicious homemade Mediterranean-style foods, their customers, have been raving about their beef shawarma wraps and platters. Their falafel has been rated one of the best in Orlando.

2- Selam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine- “A blend of spice, a blaze of color, a burst of flavor” – see, smell and taste the true pageantry of Ethiopian Food at Selam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine. – words from the owner- “The word Selam is an Amharic word which means Peace. For the last 20 years, Eritrean and Ethiopian have been at war, so many families have been affected by this. It was always my dreamt that these two brotherly nations reconcile together.”

3- Happy Snapper Seafood Restaurant- Established in 2016.
Happy Snapper seafood is a family business owned and operated; they started selling fresh fish and seafood. After many requests from their customers, they have finally opened the kitchen offering excellent and healthy choices.

4- Kadence- Kadence is an Omakase-style sushi restaurant with communal bar seating around the chef’s prep area. Capacity is limited to eight people during each dinner service, so reservations and upfront payment are required. You are treated like a VIP; this place has a very “exclusive” vibe. The building is almost impossible-to-spot. It is all black with a very cryptic “Kadence” logo on the outside.

5- Mee Thai Restaurant- Mee Thai has fresh, authentic Thai food with a great variety of dishes that taste great.

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