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Every summer, millions of Americans flock beaches to take advantage of the long warm days. This culture of spending time on the beach is just a recent one. 200 years ago in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the beaches were feared and filled with superstitions. The beaches were left untended and was home to the rugged terrain and wilderness. They were associated with shipwrecks and natural disasters such as Hurricanes.

The wrath of the ocean was associated first, with the Biblical story of the flood. This horrific story defined the theme of the landscape around the beaches. Beaches remained as landmarks for boundaries between nations and kingdoms.

Overpopulation and urbanization brought creativity that transformed the beaches into landscapes of leisure. Today, they are places of recreation, relaxation, retreats and celebration. The European discovery of the beach has transformed.

Although the beach is a bit of a stretch to drive out to, the nearest beach is about an hour to and hour and a half away. Here are some of the best beaches to be near Orlando, FL today.

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