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Rix Flix coming at you with another theme park Adventure. So I’m going to pull the doors, drop the Top, you’re going to click that subscribe button and we’re going to go have some fun.
So here’s the plan for today I usually give you guys some tips and tricks my usual vlog, i think today is going to be totally devoted to tips tricks and hacks with Universal Studios and Islands of
Adventure. So here’s my first tip of the day is not new to any list on tips and tricks, get to the theme park
early, we’re here just as the park opens just after rope drop and not only am I going to tell you to
get to the park early I’m going to demonstrate the benefits of getting to the park early, so three
of the most popular rides here at Islands of Adventure, The Incredible Hulk roller coaster the
Spider-Man ride and the Kong ride, let’s see how fast we can do these as soon as the park
So first on the list is the Incredible Hulk roller coaster let’s hit it up and see how long this takes
so it’s 9 now and we’re going to put our stuff in the Hulk Locker and give it a ride
I’ll mention my single Rider tip when we get over to Universal Studios but FYI they do not open
the Hulk single rider line until 10:30 or 11.
Okay we just got off the Hulk roller coaster, Locker to Locker, that’s putting stuff in the locker
riding the ride and getting the stuff out of the locker 12 minutes now let’s go hit up Spider-Man
Spider-Man is just a 5 minute wait let’s go check out Spidey today so there we go we just got off
Spider-Man and it was a lot of fun and only a 10-minute wait so we’re at what 10 12 so 22
minutes so far for the first two rides of the day now let’s go check out Kong the wait time for
Kong first thing in the morning, kon is just a 10 minute wait
So to review first thing in the morning at rope drop, rope drop was actually a little before 9 but
we started our clock at 9 the Hulk roller coaster wait was 10 minutes Spider-Man ride was 5
minutes and the Kong ride was 10 minutes it took us 35 you know with having to walk and stuff
So first thing in the morning the three most popular rides at IOA we were able to do in 35
minutes one hour after the park opens Spider-Man is up to 50 minutes 1 hour after Park
opening the hulk coaster is up to 120 Minutes
So here’s a little mini trick and it has to do with the Jurassic Park River Ride. the ride attendants
have told me and I have tested this, Row 3 you won’t get as wet so when you get up to the front
of the line ask for Row 3 if you’re not interested in getting too wet
Another tip with dealing with the Jurassic Park River Ride, when the ride wait time gets up high
and it’s not right now you can actually do single Rider on Jurassic Park it’s not listed but what
you have to do is an attendant you’re single Rider
So heading into hogsmeade will give you a couple little tips and tricks for this area too. so the
first tip for Hogsmeade is what I’ve mentioned a couple times but it’s one we use all the time if
you don’t need to use the lockers for Dragon challenge and Nikki rides this all the time go right
through here so Nick is going to ride it today I’m not she’s going to hand me her bag and there
you go take the shortcut honey. So here’s a tip with dealing with hogsmeade it gets awful
crowded if you want to grab yourself a butterbeer or some candy from honeydukes after you get
it don’t sit over here because this gets crowded I’m going to show you a quiet spot go right in
between the bathrooms and dogweed and death cap the area by the owl post gets very
crowded but behind the three broomsticks look at this not so crowded.
Okay so here we are at the quiet spot behind the three Broomsticks and Nikki just got off the
dragon challenge what did you think of the ride Nikki I love it it’s one of my favorite rides at the
parks so I’m really kind of sad supposedly there are rumors that they’re closing it down and it
might become a new Dark Ride that’s right I haven’t told them that yet but there are rumors that
Dragon challenge is going to go away and it’s going to be replaced with a new immersive ride
for Harry Potter which you can understand that people who visit hogsmeade want an interactive
experience full experience and dragon challenge is a great steel roller coaster but not that
immersive as far as being in the Harry Potter World so if Universal wants to spend some money
to refurb or because it is an old ride or do they want to spend money for a whole new attraction

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