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As a lifelong traveler, I never get tired of the process of boarding a plane going somewhere new and exciting! Today’s visit to a familiar airport is just as exciting as ever!

After flying in on a brand new ATR-42 with Silver Airways, I got to explore one of my favorite airports, Orlando International Airport, or MCO. There’s always a reason to go to Orlando, with Disney’s parks and resorts around the corner, and the perennial warm, sunny weather, there’s always a fun reason to be there. For most people, airports are the most stressful part of their trip, but my goal is to give you the tools you need to get in, out, and through Orlando’s airport with as little stress as possible, and maybe have some fun along the way!

This tour covers each of Orlando’s four airside terminals, both main terminal buildings, as well as arrival and departure services, like baggage, transportation, and check-in. Don’t worry, though, we get some good old-fashioned planespotting in, too. Orlando hosts dozens of airlines providing service to over one hundred destinations worldwide, so you’ll never get bored at MCO!

This video was made independently, without implicit or explicit endorsement or support from any party mentioned or shown within the video, including the Greater Orlando Airport Authority, the city of Orlando, any airline mentioned or shown within the video, or any third-party service provider shown or mentioned in the video. I just like making these videos!

Airports are our gateway to the world, and I hope you enjoy this and other airport tour videos from Miles by Foot! Thanks for watching, and keep moving forward!


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GoPro Hero 7 Black
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