*DISCLAIMER* I had filmed this episode a while back and never got around the releasing the footage until now! I am still practicing Social Distancing! Thank you! I get the question “How and Why did you move to Orlando, FL?” So here is a full episode of me explaining exactly how and why I decided to become a Floridian! Let’s take a closer look!

Hello and welcome to the World of Micah! I travel around filming everything and anything I find interesting –from theme parks to abandoned urban exploring. If you enjoy learning more about Disney history, tips & secrets or a fan of Disney World nostalgia you have come to the right place. I also enjoy showing Universal Studios history and taking a look of what’s left of from classic attractions like JAWS and ‪Back to the Future‬. More of an Urban Exploring fan? I travel around Central Florida and film everything from abandoned Toys “R” Us stores to abandoned attractions.
Let’s take a closer look!
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More info on How and Why I moved to Orlando, Florida!

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