Thank you for taking the time to watch my video. I hope this helps you on your trip to Orlando, Fl.

Just some tips on how I made this trip affordable for myself and the kids. To keep this real I saved and may have skipped a payment on something to make this trip happen. I paid for plane tickets one month and reached out to every friend for a hook up on tickets to Disney (it takes a village). But that fell through and we were blessed with Universal tickets at a discount.

It was nice to vacation and not be stressed out about money or having some timeshare people trying to pressure you into buying something.

THIS VIDEO IS STRICTLY FOR THOSE ON A BUDGET. I am not a rich person so if you have money to spend then this will not be for you.

Thanks to #Groupon and #Paypal (for those delayed deductions, ha)

Please check back for the video of activities in Orlando, Fl.


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