A lot of great things come from the Orlando Lake Buena Vista Area: Walt Disney World, Disney springs, Icon Park, the Orlando International Premium Outlets, Celebration and soooo much more. And the cool thing is that B resort and spa is in close proximity to ALL those sunshine-filled fun attractions.

B Resort & Spa is an Official Walt Disney World Hotel located in the Disney Springs Resort Area. Comfortable, convenient, and definitely clean, this place offers a feel-good atmosphere all in the middle of what’s fun to do in the Orlando Lake Buena Vista Area.

The highlight of my visit was most definitely a trip to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is about 7 miles from B Resort & Spa, which, if you’re anything like me who measures distance by the minute, it equates to a quick, 11 minute ride to the park. B Resort & Spa does offer complimentary shuttles to the park, which is super handy, but we opted to take a Lyft to and from Magic kingdom which was only about in each direction.

The park, like the resort, was safe, clean, and well orchestrated, which is especially important during these unprecedented times. The name Magic Kingdom definitely speaks for it’s self and is a real-life fairy-tail. Catching waves from Disney princesses, skipping through cinderella’s castle, nibbling mouse-ear-shaped chocolate covered ice cream, Sleeping Beauty really said it best when she sang ‘once upon a dream’. I may be living in my 20’s but when you walk through those shiny gates into the park it takes takes years off your age because we were laughing like children as we rode on Dumbos back in Storybook Circus, and although they say it’s not a contest to see who can get their teacup to spin the fastest at the Mad Tea Party, we all know that it is. When day turned to dark, I couldn’t stop feasting my eyes on the castle that glowed beautifully in the color blue.

The magic doesn’t end at Disney’s parks. The most enchanting element of B resort and spa’s location is that it is walkable to Disney Springs. You make a left out of the resort, follow the side walk, and soon enough you’re crossing the bridge over the highway to enter into the majestic scene of Disney Springs, all in about a 10 minute timeframe. It was such an easy and enjoyable venture, that we made the walk to Disney Springs quite a few times, day and night. If you’re not familiar with all that Disney Springs has to offer, they have the most delectable dining, shopping, and environment. We enjoyed an evening at the T-Rex Cafe that was quite rainforest indulged with moving and and RAWR-ing dinosaurs, dishes from both land and sea, and amazing cotton candy martinis. We also enjoyed the The Boathouse restaurant, World of Disney which is a huge store selling anything Disney-imaginable, the Coca-Cola Store which has a Beverage bar on the third floor and sells everything from modern coca cola clothes to vintage nik naks on the floors one and two. You can’t pass up the Disney Springs shopping scene with my personal favorite Zara.

For the thrillist and aesthetics chasers, there is Icon Park. Icon Park is about a 12 to 15 minute drive from B resort and spa on I-4. I personally recommend going at dark. The Wheel – an enclosed ferris wheel and The Starflyer – a large revolving swing illuminate the night sky and dance in their vibrant rainbow-like colors. Also in Icon Park is an aquarium, an arcade, plenty of restaurants, hookah lounge, and of course, you can’t miss The Sugar Factory.

Although this is all just a snippet of attractions the area entails, a vacation is a lot more breezy when getting to and from the fun is easily accessible and stress free.

At your next visit to the Orlando Lake Buena Vista Area, I hope you get out and B The Destination.

Where to stay:
B Resort & Spa | https://www.bhotelsandresorts.com/b-resort-and-spa/

What to do:
Disney Springs | https://www.disneysprings.com/
Disney World | https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/
Icon Park | https://www.iconparkorlando.com/

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