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Typhoon Lagoon Orlando is the sister park to Blizzard Beach water park. Typhoon Lagoon water park has slides, waves pools and even a shark tank. Fancy snorkeling?

This Disney water park offers a wide variety of slides for all ages in beautifully landscaped surroundings. This is one of the best water parks for families with young children.

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is a 56 acre water amusement park. The Lagoon homes the largest manmade watershed mountain, Mt. May Day. Sitting on top of Mt. May Day is Miss Tilly an old shrimp boat that was brought from Safen Sound Florida. Miss Tilly erupts every half hour causing a 50 foot flume of water to spray out the boats smokestack. Disney Typhoon Lagoon is also the place to see one of the largest wave pools in the US.

The pool is 2 1/2 acres, and holds 2.75 million gallons of water. The pool has been surrounded with a white sand beach to relax and catch some sun. The wave pool produces 4 foot waves every 90 seconds that you can body surf on, or just try to make it over. There is a tropical setting throughout the park that includes, palm trees, tropical flowers, and tropical noises.


Typhoon Lagoon

This is the main wave pool that is 2 1/2 acres, and holds 2.75 million gallons of water. There are two sets of waves that are produced in this pool. The first set are just fun bobbing waves that continue to come. (Like a normal wave pool) After a half hour a loud horn will sound and that means that the waves will be changing. At this point they have changed into 4 foot waves that come at you with alot of speed and force. These waves will continue to come every 90 seconds.

Orlando Typhoon Lagoon

Castaway Creek

This is a cool river that circles the entire park. You can pick up an inner tube at one of the many stops throughout the park. The river is only about 3 or 4 feet deep and it runs on a slow current. All you have to do is relax in your tube and travel around the park. As you flow down the river you will see tropical trees, and plants like banana trees, and palm trees. You will hear tropical birds, and noises. You will slowly drift through caves, under waterfalls, and around all the other attractions at the park. You can get off at one of the many stops. My mom stays in this all day because she is not a person for fast thrill rides!

Humunga Kowabunga

These are two fast paced steep waterslides. Although they are not as steep or as fast as Summit Plummit in Blizzard Beach, they are still fun and frightening. You will zip down this 51 foot drop at speeds of around 30 miles per hour.

Shark Reef

All you ocean lovers come straight to this attraction! You put on some snorkel equipment and enter this manmade coral reef. You can swim with sharks, sting rays, and tropical fish. For those who do not want to swim they can go into a sunken tanker and watch through some small windows. BEWARE: I thought that tropical water was warm but I was wrong! The water was FREEZING!

Storm Slides

The storm slides are just normal water slides that go through tunnels, past lush bushes and past Mt. May Day.

Typhoon Lagoon Storm Slides Orlando

Gangplank, Keelhaul, and Mayday Falls

These are fun white water rides. You board an inner tube and conquer the turns, dips, whirlpools, caves, and waterfalls.

Ketchakiddie Creek

This is a children’s area with a small pool, slide, fountain, and rapids. Children must be with an adult.


High-performance surfing in the 2.75-million-gallon wave pool. Right, left, and center break waves can be generated at heights of up to five feet.

  • Groups – 10 to 20 people. Hours – Between three and three-and-a-half hours and are available before or after regular Park hours.
  • Equipment – Surfers must provide their own equipment.
  • Reservations – Call the Typhoon Lagoon Surf hotline for more information at (407) 560-4139.

You can try it here for free!

Its tropical theming of a far away island complete with beautiful tropical vegetation makes this one of Disney’s top attractions and one of the best water parks in Florida.

The pinnacle of the park is a vast lagoon beneath Mount Gushmore, this erupts and sends out a 5ft high wave of water spilling across the lagoon every 5 minutes – you can even try body surfing it if you can!

There are an array of slides big and small. The biggest one being Crush N Gusher – a two person raft ride through many twists turns and powerful jets of water.

This may be too much for little ones! There is a lazy river where you can grab an inner tube and relax as the river takes you through rain forests, caves and waterfalls.

Snorkeling in the Shark tank?

Not only can you experience all the great slides at Typhoon Lagoon Orlando, but you can observe sharks and, if you’re feeling brave, snorkel alongside sharks and other tropical fish in the Shark Reef area.

There is no extra charge for use of snorkel equipment and don’t worry the sharks are only small and of course they are quite tame!

Castaway Creek

A staple of any good water park is the ‘lazy river’. Typhoon Lagoon doesn’t disappoint here! Castaway Creek winds through half a mile of lush vegetation, waterfalls and under caverns. If you’re wanting to enjoy Castaway Creek, make sure to get there earlier in the day – during most afternoons and weekends it can become quite crowded.

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon Park Tickets

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Disney Typhoon Lagoon: Useful Information

  • Lockers – you’ll need a $5 key deposit to rent a locker which is $13 (small) or $15(large) per day/locker.
  • Water wallets are available.
  • Towel rentals are $2 per towel – no refunds.
  • Life jackets will be provided free of charge
  • You can bring food and drink along, as long as there’s no glass containers or alcohol.
  • You can bring your own snorkeling equipment, however you can’t bring your own flotation devices.

Typhoon Lagoon Orlando: Top Tips!

If you plan on sunbathing or simply relaxing by the lagoon, make sure to grab a lounger early – seats will go FAST, in peak season they might be gone right after opening!

The ground can become extremely hot – bring some flip flops or other kind of waterproof footwear to protect your feet from burning.

Many people bring extra T-shirts and/or shorts to wear over their swim wear – this prevents sunburn. However, make sure they have no exposed metal, buckles or rivets as these are not allowed on the slides.

Bring a change of clothes for the journey home too – driving in wet soggy clothes is never fun!

Location, Park Map & Opening Times

What are the operating/opening hours?

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park opens for 10 months out of the year. The park normally closes in the cooler winter months, check park hours here.

During operating months, the park opens 7 days a week.

Use this FREE park calendar to see which are the best days to visit Typhoon Lagoon Florida.

Parking is FREE


1145 East Buena Vista Dr,
Lake Buena Vista,
FL 32830

Phone: 407-560-4141

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