This page is a guide to what you can find at Universal Studios theme park in the Amity/San Francisco area.



You’re on a boat tour of the sleepy Amity harbor where the once feared Jaws used to be. Of course, Jaws makes an ‘unexpected’ return and mayhem ensues!


Fear Factor

Fear Factor now operates ‘seasonally’. It was announced in February 2009 that it would close temporarily and then re-open seasonally during busy spring break weeks (usually March & April) and during Halloween Horror Nights. It’s unclear what exactly that means! It’s located in the large amphitheater near Amity/San Francisco.


Disaster is a fantastic ride! This is part simulator ride and part movie making experience rolled into one. In a large group you’ll gather in the front entrance area where 5/6 people are selected to be ‘in the movie’! Then you go through to a viewing area where Christopher Walken talks you through some of the do’s and don’ts of disaster movies. (This gives the actors time to get ready for the next part).

Disaster Ride at Universal Studios Theme Park, Orlando

Then you go through to the film set and sit down on some wooden benches. There’s a stage set up ready to film some movie trailer clips which will be spliced into a ‘real’ trailer for a disaster movie. The Universal staff members get the actors to scream, film some bricks falling on a group of ‘business types’ etc- it all seems a bit strange at this stage.

After the filming is over, you be ushered on to a subway train. This is where you become part of the trailer too. A disaster ensues and the subway train begins to shake, a gas tanker collides into it and bursts into flames, water come gushing down on the other side of the train. During this, you are being filmed and must scream and shout convincingly! Then they’ll play back the whole trailer for everyone to see! Very good and well worth seeing while at Universal Studios theme park!

Beetle Juice’s Graveyard Revue

A really loud and explosive amphitheatre show featuring Beetle Juice, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolfman. Best for teens and pre-teens.

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