Here’s a selection of Universal Studios theme park rides for kids.

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster A gentle enough coaster for young children over 36ins tall.

Curious George Goes to Town An interactive water filled playground for young kids. Prepare to be completely soaked!

Fievel’s Playground This playground will have kids climbing, sliding and jumping through the over-sized world of ‘Fievel Goes West’, giving weary parents a welcome chance to sit down.

Woody Woodpecker at Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando

Animal Actors on Location A humorous amphitheater show for all the family. It stars rescued animals which have been trained to work in movies and TV.

E.T Adventure A gondola ride based on the hit movie by Steven Spielberg. You ride bikes inside a ‘gondola’ in order to get back to E.T’s home planet to rescue his friends. It’s really popular with kids, so expect long wait times.

A Day in the Park with Barney The purple dinosaur makes an appearance here in his own sing-along show. Pre-schoolers will love this. There’s a chance to meet Barney after the show too!

Universal Studios Theme Park: World Expo

Men in Black

An interactive movie ride in which you get to zap aliens with lasers and defend the streets of New York from attack. You collect points by zapping as many alien baddies as you can. You also get points and send your opposing players into a spin by shooting at the top of their pod. If you press the red button on the front dash board (they instruct you not to!) you’ll get 150,000 points – bonus!

Men in Black Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando

The Simpsons

You’ll ride roller coaster style alongside the famous Simpson family through a wacky fantasy land created by Krusty the Clown.

Universal Studios Theme Park, Universal Studios in Orlando

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